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when u give ur phone to someone to look at a pic and they keep scrolling


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Anonymous: its the internet, its free reign anyone can do anything with your pics. and post them anywhere basically. welcome to the new generation

the new generation of lies and desperation congratulations

Anonymous: I don't think you're being arrogant, I think its perfectly normal how you're reacting to some creep. So Mr. Anon, suck a dick and stop being childish.

anon cant find a dick to suck thats why hes using my pics on his grindr

Anonymous: Are people seriously trying to defend someone who's using your pics on grindr? is that what I just saw? wtf man

yeah obviously its desperate ugly people defending the actions of other desperate ugly people

Anonymous: maybe you could be happy people find you attractive instead of being an arrogant Dick but whatever

did you even look at the screen when you typed this

whoever is in south royalton vermont taking pics from my tagged me and using them on grindr im onto you and will track you down this weekend